Elaine Wigle

Elaine Wigle graduated from York University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in sculpture and printmaking. The focused training on process and responsiveness to materials directly informs her jewellery making, which she has been pursuing since the inception of Wigle Designs in 1986.

Starting with the raw materials of silver wire and sheet and a rich palette of stones, fossils and pearls, a Wigle Design piece is made solely by hand.

Each piece is an original Wigle Design. From the smallest jump ring to a custom Wigle design clasp, each component of the whole is created with an exacting eye for detail and to it’s contribution to the overall design.

Over the years, Elaine Wigle has developed several distinctive signature lines. Her most recent work is noted for it’s marriage of the raw beauty of the materials to the sophisticated yet organic flow of the metal smithing and highlighted by stunning colour combinations.

Wigle Designs have grown in popularity over the years. Production, one of a kind, and custom pieces are available across Canada in Gallery Boutiques and from Elaine Wigle’s studio in Rossland, BC, Canada. Get in touch today!